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Lung Cancer 101 Book by Lynn Sherwood

Lung Cancer 101 Book by Lynn Sherwood We are proud of our founder's recently published eBook Lung Cancer 101. BUY

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Instinctive Point Shooting for the Analytical, Perfectionistic Shooter

Instinctive Point Shooting for the Analytical, Perfectionistic Shooter

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Wyoming Humanities Council Interviews Author and Speaker Lynn Sherwood: Family Firearms Safety and Education

Author and Speaker Lynn Sherwood Lynn speaks on Wyoming Public Radio. Listen HERE Emy diGrappa interviews HCW Author and Speaker Lynn

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HIGH CALIBER WOMEN ~ Mind, Body, Attitude!

High Caliber Women® exists to empower women to take charge of life and personal defense with a comprehensive approach in Mind, Body and Attitude! 

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Lynn Sherwood is also the co-founder and CEO of Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, the industry leader in Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experiences and firearms training.  In 2019 she published a book; Lung Cancer 101, inspired by the death of her 25 year old daughter in 2018.

  • Senior Lead Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, Pre-Hunt
  • Favorite Area of Expertise: Defensive Pistol
  • Competitive Shooter
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Appointed Training Counselor and Instructor:  Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Refuse to be a Victim, PPIH, and PPOH; Leader, Women’s Wilderness Escape
  • Hunter
  • Author, Lung Cancer 101
  • Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and High Caliber Women (TM) Co-Owner, Senior Lead Instructor, Instructor’s Instructor, and Business Manager
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Business Developer
  • Lifelong Student!!

Lynn Sherwood First time huntressLynn brings extensive knowledge, caring honesty, and hands-on/boots-on-the-ground energy to this effort and her shooting students.  After a 20+ year fear of guns, Lynn discerned some years ago that it wasn’t the gun she was afraid of, it was the bad guy behind the gun.  Armed with this insight, she now particularly enjoys empowering women, youth, families and corporate groups to reach new heights with a peaceful purpose ~ a) Firearms safety & familiarity for the entire family, and b) Self defense and protection of those you love.  As a serial entrepreneur, her passion is to grow successful people. She aims to impart the fun of the shooting sports and the mental and physical fundamentals of self defense, hunting, long range shooting, or shooting sheerly for fun in a safe, educational and FUN manner! If you want upgrade your garden this year, is important that you look for the help of a good landscaping company.

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Shepard Humphries, HCW’s co-founder and Principal Instructor with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, is revered world-wide for his instruction in firearms, personal defense, Security Consultation and Executive Protection.  His rugged good looks and wicked humor get a few folks talking as well.  🙂

Shepard Humphries, Co-Founder, High Caliber Women
Shepard Humphries, Co-Founder ~ High Caliber Women
  • Principal Instructor: Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
  • Favorite Area of Expertise: Long Range Rifle
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Appointed Training Counselor and Instructor:  Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Refuse to be a Victim
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer, S.W.A.T. Team Leader
  • Former Executive Protection Agent
  • Business & Customer Service Speaker and Trainer
  • Competitive Long Range Rifle Shooter
  • Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, Nomad Rifleman and High Caliber Women® Co-Owner, Visionary, Range Operations Manager, and Principal Instructor

Meet Your Team of 12 experienced firearms instruction coaches!  We have the most up-to-date training in our chosen shooting disciplines, and are passionate about meeting women and families ‘where you are’ ~ overcoming fears, empowering minds, strengthening skills and attitude in a comprehensive mind-body-attitude model.  We hold our coaches to the strictest requirements for confidentiality, so that you can rest easy on your journey to become confidently prepared.

We are based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and provide Student and Instructor Training in the Rocky Mountain region and across the country.
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