Hand Grenade Explosion in Jackson Hole

Yes, there was a hand grenade explosion in Jackson Hole near the Jackson Hole Gun Club.  Fortunately, no one was injured and no property was damaged.  This serves as a great reminder to never leave your unused grenades laying around or buried where construction crews might dig.

High Caliber Women founder and CEO Lynn Sherwood was fast to respond.

As it turns out, everyone is OK.  The grenades might have been left over from law enforcement trainings many years ago, or they might have been part of a private collection of a former rangemaster.  It it is likely that a very thorough investigation will be conducted.

The good news is that everyone is safe!  In modern days, the Jackson Hole Gun Club is frequently used by law enforcement for detonation of explosives, so having a grenade explode nearby was not unusual, however “typically they explode purposefully and are downrange!” –Shepard Humphries 

Shepard recalls using the range back in the late 1980s.  “There was a little shack, and it was filled with old powder from cop gas training” Shepard said.  “Each time you would walk in, it would kick up some powder and you would start coughing.”

It is not yet known if these were fragmentation grenades, flash-bangs, smoke or gas.

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Grenade Explosion in Jackson Hole