Central Wyoming College Course: “Big Game Hunting 101”

big Game Hunting 101

Lynn Sherwood ~ Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

Monday and Tuesday August 8 & 9,  2016  4-7pm


Your 1st night will be in the classroom, learning about rifles, ammunition, scope adjustments, ranging, windage, shooting positions, slings, and preparation for taking an ethical shot.  Your 2nd night will be on the shooting range, putting everything you’ve learned into practice.  Use your guns or ours! We recommend that you bring your rifle, day pack, rangefinders, sticks, and gear that you will be using (if you have these items already), so that you can get comfortable with the specific gear that you’ll be using in the field.

We’ll have guns and gear for you if you don’t have any yet! *This course is NOT a Wyoming hunter safety ed course*.  (

Use your guns or ours in this Central Wyoming College Course: “Big Game Hunting 101”

 To register, please call Central Wyoming College at 307-733-7425Central Wyoming College Jackson

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