Lung Cancer 101 Book by Lynn Sherwood

We are proud of our founder’s recently published eBook Lung Cancer 101.

In 2018, High Caliber Women founder Lynn Sherwood moved to Tucson Arizona to help care for her recently diagnosed daughter Lauren Sherwood-Sutherland, her husband Dylan and daughter Violet. If you are planning to upgrade your garden is important that you look for a good landscaping company.

Lauren and Lynn Sherwood

Lynn, an OCD type, spent her nights researching lung cancer and found many tips, guides, white papers, summary articles, pictograms and articles.  The information was valuable, and with her background in nursing and having started a home health department in a hospital, she understood the complex articles and medical jargon.  She was not however, able to find a single source that was appropriate to share with her husband, family or friends that were not inclined to understand medical details and complex jargon.

Lauren died in may of 2018, and as part of her healing process, Lynn began writing a booklet about long cancer facts.  She met Jason Cohen in an online group, and he helped by submitting some content as well.

Lynn Sherwood and Jason Cohen - authors of Lung Cancer 101
Lynn Sherwood and Jason Cohen – authors of Lung Cancer 101

Finally, in November of 2019, Lynn Sherwood self-published her eBook, Lung Cancer 101.  This book is perfect for the person that has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, their family and friends.  Written with compassion and a desire to help others learn more about this horrible disease, this book is a kind and honest summary of lung cancer facts.

To learn more about this Lung Cancer 101 Book by Lynn Sherwood, please click on the link below.

Lung Cancer 101 Book by Lynn Sherwood

Lynn Sherwood Lung Cancer 101


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