HOW You’ll Learn:

High Caliber Women® Instructors have a passion for promoting the safe enjoyment of the shooting sports through education and hands-on, practical application.  Some of us are visual learners, some experiential, and some are auditory learners.  By combining a wide variety of modern teaching/learning methods, you will be actively engaged in YOUR learning process as you become familiar with firearms and safety!


WHAT you’ll learn:

  • Safety
  • Nomenclature
  • Fundamentals
  • Talking points
  • …And as many fundamentals and practical application skills as you would like to learn over your session/s!

Some women would like to learn about the guns in their home and how to safely move them from place to place;  some families want to educate their children in what to do if he/she finds a gun in a friend’s home;  some want to learn about shooting as a tool for personal defense and home/family protection and are ready to invest 2 to 80+ hours in their personal/family/home/business protection training with their partner.

We will customize your training based on YOUR goals, taking into account your experiences, current reality, biases and fears, and future plans.


WHY you’ll learn:

Because YOU are ready.

Many of us come from a place of fear:

  • Fear of the gun
  • Fear of a bad guy behind the gun
  • Biases from educational systems, media, family, co-workers, or friends
  • Recalling a scary situation in which a gun was used against us or someone we love/know
  • Fear that we will be judged and ridiculed as selfish, weird, or crazy
  • Reliving a memory of our ‘first shots’ with a gun with a large recoil or ‘kick’, with little coaching
  • Fear of the unknown

Sometimes people in our life will ‘want the best for us’ and the push women they love into shooting to be part of the crowd, team, or family outing.

We believe that learning to shoot (or how to shoot better) is an intensely personal decision, one that needs to be made after careful consideration of why YOU want to learn to shoot, not when anyone else says you should be ready.


WHO will have the opportunity to learn:

  • We shoot with youth as young as 7 years old, as long as he/she is able and willing to follow the safety directions (and that is true whether they are 7, 47 or 97 years old!)
  • If YOU want to be there.  (We’ve seen women, men and families pushed into courses someone else thinks they ‘will get a kick out of’;  learning is then often stifled and resented.  If YOU want to learn about firearms safety & familiarity and if you truly want to be here, come;  if you don’t, we’ll bend over backwards to make it happen if and when you are ready!)
  • People authorized to legally possess firearms in the US, as defined by the various authoritarian entities, including the US Department of State and applicable UN Treaties du jour, etc.
  • The more you can tell us about you/your family or group/your needs, the better we can coordinate the perfect coach for YOUR family or group.  Communication is key;  we are at the ready when you are ready!


WHEN you will learn:

  • In a community-wide course of your choosing, or a private session with your coach, at a time/date which is good for you, your instructor, and the range.
  • Beyond the community-wide courses offered throughout the year, we provide opportunities for private instruction and training year-round.  Call to coordinate your availability and needs with ours!  We’ll do our darndest to make it happen for you.
  • We have contracted with a local shooting club to provide shooting experiences and lessons 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Some months are busier than others, so do call to secure YOUR reservation in advance.

WHERE will you train:

  • We provide non-shooting firearm familiarization sessions in homes, churches, shooting ranges and private businesses as requested and authorized.
  • We have contracted with the Jackson Hole Gun Club to provide the majority of our training on site in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  • We work with other public/private ranges and owners of private properties in the surrounding areas.
  • We utilize friendly Rocky Mountain Area ranges and instruction facilities as per their utility agreements and course offerings requests/needs and buy-out policies.
  • We provide private family/workplace training, risk assessments, community courses, and more across the country and where legally authorized.